Parks and Recreation Master Plan Update

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Purpose of the Plan

Parks, recreational opportunities, open space, and trails continue to be a key component to the Town of Flower Mound's quality of life for our residents. As the Town continues to develop rural land into commercial and residential tracts, the preservation of parks and open space is vital to the mental and physical health and quality of life of its residents. The primary purpose of the Master Plan is to assess the current state of the parks, recreation, trails, and open space system; define needs and deficiencies in the system; and establish goals and priorities for improving the system.

In addition to these primary functions, the plan also identifies changing trends locally, regionally, and nationally; identifies citizens needs and opinions; and recommends changes on various scales – from Town-wide to site-specific, and of various types – from physical, to regulatory, to operational. The Master Plan is intended to guide the staff and elected officials of the Town as they decide how best to meet and prioritize the parks and recreational needs of the Town over the next 10 years.

Town of Flower Mound Seeks Resident Input on the Draft Parks, Recreation and Open Space Master Plan

The Town of Flower Mound is seeking input from residents regarding future community green spaces and recreational programming during the various board, commission, council and public input meetings.  Town staff encourages residents to attend the Public Input meeting on December 21 to provide feedback on the draft Master Plan.  However, if residents cannot make that date, they are always invited to attend any of the other Council, Board, and Commission meetings.  Residents can provide input either during public participation at the December meetings or during the public hearings in February and March.  See updated timeline below...

2016 - 2017 Timeline

Feb. 4 - 5 – Kick-off meeting with all staff key players

Late February-Early March– Consultant to conduct phone interviews with elected officials, Board members, and Town Manager’s Office.

March 17 - 18 – Focus Group meetings with special interest groups.

April 4 - 5 – Park Tour and Park Assessments

Month of April – Conduct Town-wide Survey

May 9 – Public Forum, Flower Mound Senior Center, 2701 West Windsor Drive, 6 p.m.

May 10 – Public Forum, CAC, 1200 Gerault Road, 6 p.m.

December 1 - PALS Board – Work Session for review and discussion of the Draft Master Plan

December 12 - Planning & Zoning Commission – Work Session for review and discussion of the Draft Master Plan

December 15 - Town Council – Work Session for review and discussion of the Draft Master Plan

December 21 - Public Input Meeting at Town Hall over the Draft Master Plan VIEW PRESENTATION
February 2 - Parks Board – Public Hearing for recommendation to Town Council & P&Z for approval of the Master Plan

February 13 - Planning & Zoning Commission - Public Hearing for recommendation to Town Council for approval of the Master Plan

March 6 - Town Council - Public Hearing for the approval of the Master Plan