Stormwater Projects

Updated 9/19/17 - updated information shown in red. 

Bakers Branch Creek Stabilization Project (1804 Doubletree Trail)

This project includes the installation of bag-wall to prevent further erosion. A contract for creek bank stabilization and erosion control services to Knight Erosion Control, Inc., in the amount of $91,039, was approved by Town Council on April 3, 2017.  FEMA flood study is ongoing.
Waketon Road (east of FM 2499) Drainage Study

The project is a drainage study which includes data collection, USACE jurisdictional determination, hydraulic modeling of existing conditions, analysis of alternatives, and report to alleviate the recurring flooding and traffic disruption of Waketon Road, east of FM 2499. The professional services agreement with Halff Associates, Inc., to provide professional engineering in an amount not to exceed $38,050, was approved by Town Council on March 20, 2017. The jurisdictional determination preliminary report was reviewed by staff. The draft of the final report outlining several options was received and is being reviewed by staff.
Anticipated completion: 
September 2017