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  1. The Memorial Tree Program provides an opportunity for our community to plant and dedicate trees in honor or memory of a loved one.

  2. The trees are purchased by the donor from the nursery of their choice. The nursery will then contact the Parks Department to verify the planting location. It will be the responsibility of the nursery to plant and warranty the tree for the first year after planting.

  3. Once your tree has been planted, the information that you will provide throughout this form will help us document your tax deductible donation in a register to be kept and maintained in the Town Library. This register will include the location of the tree and the dedication information.

  4. Please fill out the form below. Once the form is submitted, the Environmental Services Department will contact you with any questions. Please note that the trees that are to be dedicated shall be 2.5 caliper inches in size or larger; and will only be planted from November to April in order to help ensure the tree's success.

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